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Modular Inverter

MP Series

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Main Features

Digital control

Using 32-bit DSP digital and high-frequency SPWM technology, it is characterized by strong anti-interference ability, high operational speed, high intelligence, high control precision and high quality of output waveform.

N+1 parallel connection redundancy design

It can form an N+1 parallel connection redundancy power supply system, in which the modules are backed up with each other, leading to high reliability and flexible configuration.

Parallel connection technology without master/slave definition

Operation and parallel connection of each module are independently controlled by the built-in DSP, so that there is no singlepoint failure and the current is automatically and equally distributed among the modules.

Allowing hot plugging

It allows “plug-and-play” without any parameter setting or operation, and the module automatically enters into normal working state, leading to simple and convenient maintenance and change.

Built-in bypass

User may choose inverter priority or bypass priority.

Monitoring management

The indicator lamp panel can give out sound and light alarm upon fault, and RS485 communication and fault dry contact are provided.

High power density

Using 1/2 of 19″ width design,its size is only a half of common inverter,so that smaller space is required and convenient connection is allowed.

The 48V modular parallel connection inverter is an inversion device that converts 48V DC power supplied by communication DC power supply into 220V/50Hz sinusoidal AC power. It is designed with complete isolation of input and output, and allows hot plugging and parallel connection redundancy. With small size and convenient parallel connection, it is a product specially designed for users with high requirements for power supply reliability and maintainability.

Technical Specification


Rated power

1kVA 2kVA 3kVA


DC input voltage


DC input range


Bypass input range


Bypass switchover time

8 〜12mS

Max. quantity of parallel connection

 2                                 8                                 8


Rated output voltage


Rated output frequency


Load adjustment rate


Frequency accuracy


Peak factor


Waveform distortion

Resistive full load<3%, non-linear full load<5%


>88% (rated input voltage, resistive full load)

Dynamic response

Voltage transition range<3%, transition response recovery time<60ms (load from 0 to 100)

Current non-uniformity under parallel connection

<3% effective value of rated current

Overload capacity

Overload current<105%, continuous operation

Overload current 105-125%, shutdown after 10min

Overload current 125*150%, shutdown after 1min

Overload current 125-150%, shutdown after 10s

Overload current>150%, shutdown in 20ms

Protection function

Protection against opposite connection of input, input under-voltage/overvoltage, output overload, output short circuit, and overtemperature

Communication interface


Working Ambient

Dielectric strength

2kVac, 1min

Noise (1m)


Ambient temperature for operation


Ambient temperature for transport and storage

-40~70 °C

Relative humidity

0-90%, without condensation

Relative altitude (M)

<3000m; at 1500~3000m, an output derating of 1% for each 100m of altitude increase

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