Frequency Converter
Rack Mounted Pure Sine Wave Inverter

BLS Series Rack Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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Designed for Industrial Application

High Frequency Pure Sine Wave inverter 220Vac/110Vac series

High Frequency inversion

Double input & regulate AC-ACerter

Rack-mount cabinet type, 2U 19 inch

RS485/RS232/Dry Contact Communication

Pure sine wave inverter is a new generation ofdual input inverter solution designed for the field ofcommunication applications, which is suitable for thehigh reliability of the communication system. Thesolution is equipped with a 96V/110V/220V/230V ACpower supply and a 24V /48V/110V/220V DC powersupply, which fills the gap between the traditional UPSpower supply and common pure sine wave invertersolutions.

It uses a novel design structure that helps users toprovide clean, stable and durable AC power for criticalloads, and has the same high reliability as the DC powersupply system. The design characteristics of thededicated communication pure sine wave inverterensure the seamless conversion between the AC and DCpower supply, almost no conversion delay, and no needto use the static switch


  1. Telecom station/base/ Cable Equipment
  2. Communication Station.
  3. Computer data center
  4. SCADA Networks and Data Equipment
  5. Phone /cell base
  6. Radio Base stations/ Cell Sites
  7. Monitoring center room
  8. City WIFI device
  9. Emergency communication car
  10. Railway & metro
  11. Distributed Antenna Systems
  12. Marine & offshore
  13. Building Management Systems
  14. Fire Alarm Systems
  15. power utilities System Control /field
  16. power plant/station
  17. Power monitoring system
  18. Solar power system
  19. Wind energy system



  1. True sine wave output (T.H.D < 3%)
  2. Large 128*64 digital Lcd display data information,4 led display working,;
  3. Standard 19” Rack mount case
  4. 5 Routes Dry contact for system (DC input fault, AC input fault, overload information, by-pass
  5. information and output fault)
  6. RS232 and RS485 & Optional SNMP communication Port
  7. Power-on self-test, Soft output start
  8. Auto switch function: DC to AC, AC bypass, less than 5ms;
  9. By-pass AC 220V input filtering;
  10. Real-time monitoring of the system operating status;
  11. Audible and visual alarm;
  12. Automatic start temperature control fan;
  13. Build in voltage regulator Stabilize AC voltage;
  14. Maintenance bypass /DC available;
  15. Protection :Short load protection, over load protection, battery over/under voltage protection,
  16. Unattended operation: the system switches automatically to provide AC Power to the load
  17. between the DC input and AC input;
Hardware structure and working principle
AC power supply mode

Namely AC inverter working mode: the inverter employs mains for load when there is mains and switches to inverter working mode when the mains is abnormal.

DC power supply mode

Namely DC-dominated inverter working mode: under normal condition, DC-dominated inverter is under inverter output status all the time; in case of DC fault, it switches to mains by-pass.


Technical Parameters

Technical Index(VA)



22Vdc—28Vdc Rate Voltage 24Vdc,Power off Voltage:≤20Vdc, ≥30Vdc

45.5Vdc—57Vdc Rate Voltage 48Vdc, Power off voltage≤40Vdc, ≥60Vdc 

104Vdc—131Vdc Rate Voltage 110Vdc, Power off voltage≤90Vdc, ≥135Vdc

208Vdc—260Vdc Rate Voltage 220Vdc, Power off voltage≤180Vdc, ≥275Vdc


Output Capacity(VA)


Rated output Power(W)

0.8KW 1.6KW 2.4KW 3.2KW 4KW 4.8KW 6.4KW 8KW

Rated Output current

3.6A 7.3A 11A 14.5A 18.2A 21.8A 29A 36.3A

Please contact us for complete technical parameters

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