Frequency Converter

Frequency Converter --GPU

Solid State Frequency Converter / GPU

BWFCA Series( 20kVA ~ 450kVA )

For Applications

  • Airline
  • Airport
  • Laboratory and test
  • Aviation and avionics
Frequency Converter

Main Features

  • Large power rating,up to 450kVA
  • Output current limit
  • Low harmonic distortion
  • Automatically voltage
    compensation system ideal
    voltage at aircraft connector
  • Self diagnose system which
    would show error code
    on the VFD screen

Blue Whale BWFCA series solid state / static frequency converter isdesigned to change the power at 50Hz or 60Hz to aircraft quality power at 400Hz,for start-up, inspection and maintenance of aircraft and airborne equipment.

Technical Specification

Capacity 20,30,45,60,90,120,150,180,270,450 (kVA)
Three phase 3 x230V/400V±10%,3 x127V/220V±10%
Select One Individual Voltage
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz ±5%
Power factor ≥ 0.8 (standard type) 
≥ 0.9 (optional type, 12 pulse)
Inrush Current None, soft start
Three phase 3×115/200V,Or 3×120/208V(L-N/L-L) ±1% 
Frequency 400Hz  ±0.1% 
Voltage compensation 1-10V
Phase Voltage difference ≤ 3V
Voltage recovery ΔU <10% and rec. time<50 ms at 100% load change
Phase angle symmetry 120°±2° (33% unbalance Load)
  120°±4° (100% unbalance Load)
Phase angle symmetry Either RS232 or RS485
Total harmonic distortion…… THD ≤ 3% @ linear load, pure sine wave output
Crest 3:1
Overload 125% for 600 sec;150% for 60 sec;200% for 10 sec
Protection Input Over/under voltage, phase loss
Over current, Over load,Inner over heating,Short circuit
Enclosure IP IP22/ IP54 Or as per requirement
VFD display Output voltage, Current, Frequency,accumulated running time
Setting and operation Output voltage modulation,cable voltage drop compensation
Aircraft interlock,start/stop button
Working condition  
Temperature Operation: -40℃~50℃
Noise ≤ 65dB at 1 meter
Humidity 10~90% non-condensing
Reliability and Efficiency  
Mean Time Between Failure 50,000H (MTBF)
Mean Time To Restore < 30 min (MTTR)
Overall efficiency ≥ 85%
Stanby power consumption… <65W
No load power consumption… <2.5KW
Available Options 28 VDC, 300-3000 A (45-180KVA only)Terminal extension for 2 PCS of 7 core cable28V Military Interlock
Standards DFS400: Specification for 400 Hz aircraft power
MIL-STD-704F: Aircraft electric power characteristics
ISO 6858:Aircaft ground support electric supplies
MH/T6018 Aircraft ground  solid state power unit
EN61000-6-4 Electromagnectic compatibility generic emission
EN61000-6-2 Electromagnectic compatibility generic immunity