Blue Whale Power Supplies           

BWPS was established to cater to the growing market for reliable,quality,cost effective power supplies for Industrial, Marine and Aviation applications.
BWPS was founded by experienced staff who previously held senior positions for years in Sales, Marketing, Tech support and Production in the power supply industry.

We are a company focused on manufacturing and selling power supplies, and have been serving customers around the world for 10+years..

frequency converters power supplies

BWPS is committed to helping and supporting our customers to realize their projects and sales. Whether it is a distributor or an end user, stable quality and professional service are our advantages.
We look forward to becoming your one stop shop for power supplies.

Why choose us?
In addition to its own production, BWPS also works closely with many manufacturers, so we can provide a competitive quotation according to your specific power requirements. Knowledgeable staff will answer all queries in a timely manner.
We can offer a wide range of power supplies including frequency converters AC to DC power supplies,voltage and frequency stabilizers and regulators(IGBT stabilizers), uninterrupted power supply (UPS) ,automatic voltage regulators(AVR), 400 Hz static Frequency Converters, ground power units (GPU) and transformers,Pure Sine Wave DC To AC Inverter,Shore Power Supply.

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