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CE Production and sales of all kinds of power supplies in line with CE and Rosh standards


Blue Whale Power Supplies Co., Ltd (BWPS) has specialized in the manufacturing and sale of power supplies for 16 years, serving customers worldwide.BWPS has been dedicated to manufacturing a range of power products for industrial and commercial applications, including frequency converters, regulated power supplies, inverters, and uninterruptible power supplies. Our commitment to quality and service has enabled BWPS to establish a reputation worldwide throughout our years of operation.

Blue Whale BWFCM Series Solid-State Frequency Converter

The Blue Whale BWFCM series solid-state frequency converter is a highly popular AC power supply designed to convert incoming AC power from 50Hz to 60Hz, or vice versa, with utmost efficiency. Additionally, it can convert conventional 50/60Hz power to 400Hz and vice versa. The device is also capable of converting 50/60Hz power to 16.67Hz, 25Hz, or 100Hz.

The BWFCM series incorporates a built-in rectifier that efficiently converts incoming AC power into DC power. Then, using IGBT technology and an isolation transformer, the DC power is inverted into the desired frequency and voltage.

The Blue Whale BWFCM series frequency converter boasts numerous advantages that make it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. It is not only well-suited for export product testing or the operation of imported equipment but also perfect for testing military/avionics equipment or the operation of onboard 400Hz electronics in aircraft or military vessels.

The frequency converter offers precise speed control, reduced energy consumption, noise reduction, and vibration control, making it an invaluable addition to any industrial setup. Its adaptability and efficiency make it a go-to solution for a range of challenging applications.

Blue Whale BWDCP Series Programmable DC Power Supply

The Blue Whale BWDCP series programmable DC power supply is a highly popular adjustable DC power supply designed to efficiently convert AC power to DC power. This advanced power supply offers a range of features that make it a valuable addition to any industrial setup.

One of the key features of the BWDCP series is its ability to provide output voltage up to 1200V and current up to 1000A. This high-power capability allows users to precisely control the output voltage and current, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Another standout feature of the BWDCP series is its digital display. This user-friendly interface provides real-time feedback on the output voltage, current, and other relevant parameters. It makes it easy for users to monitor and adjust the power supply settings remotely.

Moreover, the BWDCP series can be remotely controlled and operated by computer. This flexibility allows users to integrate the power supply into their existing systems and control it remotely using a computer interface. This capability further enhances the usability and efficiency of the power supply.

The Blue Whale BWDCP series programmable DC power supply offers a comprehensive solution for converting AC power to DC power. Its high-power output, digital display, and remote control capabilities make it an exceptional choice for a range of industrial applications where precise control of DC power is essential.

Blue Whale BWSVS series Static Voltage Stabilizers are at the forefront of voltage stabilizer design, utilizing micro-processor-based electronic digital regulators. These regulators utilize SCRs (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers) instead of Auto-Transformers, ensuring precise voltage control on the primary winding.

The BWSVS series offers exceptional performance, delivering a highly stable output voltage even when incoming mains voltage drifts high or low. It is compatible with all load types and offers independent phase control, making it an ideal choice for sensitive or critical loads.

Designed for indoor use in dry locations, the BWSVS series can also be placed in a rain tight enclosure for use in wet or damp locations, providing added flexibility. This advanced technology and reliable performance ensure optimal operation and extended equipment lifespan.


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