The regulator isolates internal losses

Regulators isolate internal losses, low power is usually used with linear regulators, now only the input and output voltage is not very large between, in their relative efficiency is acceptable. Now if the input voltage is unstable, it is necessary to solve the problem from the fundamental, and now many aspects of the application system of linear regulators are non-isolated converter effects in comparison, and now there are many advantages.
In a small series of different use characteristics, there are operating environments in the input voltage range.
In the distance between and alignment and linear voltage regulators, its component density is high, and now can provide high efficiency current can be output.
The voltage coverage standard in the output is high, and the outside dimensions can be used directly to replace the traditional voltage regulator.
After the input and output voltage relationship, the in-line version is the same, and now it is added a pin function to make the regulator work in standby mode, and the maximum current is in the analog power.

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