Variable frequency power supply and frequency converter

Frequency conversion power supply is a frequency conversion device composed of the whole circuit, which has been widely used. Frequency conversion power supply can not only simulate the output of different countries’ power grid indicators, but also provide pure and reliable, low harmonic distortion, high stability of voltage and frequency sine wave power output for export electrical manufacturers in the design and development, production, testing and other applications. Variable frequency power supply is very close to the ideal AC power supply, can output any country’s grid voltage and frequency. The frequency converter is composed of AC continuous current AC (modulated wave) and other circuits, and the standard name of the frequency converter should be the frequency conversion governor. The output voltage waveform is pulsed square wave, and the harmonic components are many, the voltage and frequency change proportionally at the same time, can not be adjusted separately, does not meet the requirements of AC power supply.

After sale

Frequency conversion power supply: the manufacturer’s own research and production, very familiar with the power supply, once there is a problem, it will solve the problem in the shortest time at the power supply site.

Frequency converter: Because the frequency converter is mostly purchased from other manufacturers specializing in the production of frequency converter, once there is a problem, the power manufacturer will remove the frequency converter and send it back to the frequency converter manufacturer (partly in foreign countries), the maintenance cycle is long, and the frequency converter manufacturer will not be responsible for the matching of the frequency converter with the transformer and LC low-pass filter circuit. Even on-site maintenance is difficult to guarantee a complete solution to the problem.


Frequency conversion power supply: the overall design of the power supply, after years of technical accumulation, to ensure stable and reliable operation of the power supply.

Frequency converter: The production of shore power supply assembled by frequency converter is relatively simple, because the main part of the “frequency converter” is purchased, so it is difficult to ensure that the frequency converter matches the parameters of other components.


Variable frequency power supply: Constant frequency during startup. Shore power supply can provide pure and reliable, low harmonic distortion, high stability of voltage and frequency sine wave power output, very close to the ideal AC power supply.

Frequency converter: The design of the frequency converter is specifically for the motor frequency conversion start, the voltage and frequency rise simultaneously when starting, and the power supply modified with it may affect the electrical equipment, especially the frequency converter, controllable rectification, communication equipment, etc.

Three-phase unbalance

Variable frequency power supply: The inverter part adopts the star mode, and each phase can be independently loaded to adapt to the three-phase completely unbalanced load. The degree of imbalance can reach less than 3%.

Inverter: inverter inverter, although the output through the transformer into a Y output, but the three-phase unbalanced load adaptability is poor, may make the motor reverse torque increase, the motor temperature rise, efficiency decline, energy consumption increase, vibration, output loss.

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