Field of use of Frequency Converter

1, mainly used for manufacturing or export traders to export electrical products for electrical testing, debugging and power supply for precision instruments. Widely used in home appliance manufacturing, electrical machinery, electronic manufacturing, IT industry, computer equipment, laboratories and so on.

2, home appliance manufacturers such as: air-conditioning equipment, coffee machines, washing machines, juicers, microwave ovens, tape recorders, refrigerators, DVDs, dust washers, electric shavers and other products test power.

3态Manufacturers of motors and electronics such as: switching power supplies, transformers, electronic ballasts, AC fans, uninterruptible power systems, chargers, relays, compressors, motors, passive components and other products of the test power supply.

4, IT industry and computer equipment manufacturers such as: fax machines, photocopiers, shredders, printers, scanners, burners, servers, monitors and other products test power.

5, laboratories and testing units such as: AC power supply testing, product life and safety testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing, OQC (FQC) testing, product testing and R & D, research units, the best AC power supply.

6, aviation / military units such as: airport ground facilities, ships, aerospace, military research institutes and other test power.

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