What is Frequency Converter

An Frequency Converter is an instrument that changes the voltage and frequency of the output power supply and provides a pure and stable power supply for use by the load. The most common use is to convert our country’s utility power (220VAC or 110VAC) into the utility power of other countries in the world (220V, 110V, 50HZ, 60HZ) a device. Its function can be said to be the best voltage stabilization, frequency regulation equipment.

As the world’s power grid indicators are not uniform, the export of electrical manufacturers need to simulate the power grid conditions in different countries, for engineers in the design and development, production line testing and quality assurance of product testing, life, high voltage / low voltage simulation tests and other applications to provide a pure and reliable, low harmonic distortion, high stability of the frequency and the rate of stabilization of the sinusoidal power output; imports of original appliances, equipment, the user also needs to be on the country’s power grid The users of imported original electrical appliances and equipments also need to transform voltage and frequency to ensure the normal operation of imported electrical appliances and equipments; to meet the needs of avionics and military equipments with high frequency.

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